Flight Attendant Dies from Heart Attack Mid-Flight- Probably Wearing a Mandatory Mask

flight attendant dies of heart attack possibly wearing a mask

Joe Tormes, a 61-year old American Airlines flight attendant and US Coast Guard Veteran died suddenly while working aboard a flight headed out of Indianapolis.

Working alongside his wife who was also a flight attendant, he experienced a medical emergency and the immediate cause of death was later determined to be heart attack.

The question remains to be answered if flight attendant Tormes died due to a heart attack aggravated by the new company-mandated requirement for flight attendants to wear masks while working aboard American Airlines flights.

Valid Public Safety Concern for Mandatory Mask Orders

As Joe Tormes’s death shows, a potentially well-adjusted and otherwise healthy man died prematurely at the age of 61, considering the average life expectancy of a US Citizen is about 78 years.

While the public has been bombarded with messages from media and governments to wear a mask, not much thought has been seriously given to the negative health effects of long-term usage and mask wear.

More Bad News for People With Preexisting Respiratory and Heart Issues

Re-breathing CO2 can lead to issues like rapid heart beat, and that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re wearing a mask- especially while working and exerting yourself.

It’s like sleep apnea and snoring, which don’t directly kill you but cause a lack of air getting to the lungs at night due to the constricting of the throat during sleep. This usually leads to coronary failure or heart attack.

What once seemed like common sense is now being criticized as a false claim. But is it scientific? Is it valid medical advice to demand someone wear a mask when they are nearing the age that heart attacks become a reality, especially when they work a physically demanding job at a high altitude?

Not Getting Enough Air Isn’t Helping: Common Sense Approach to Health

While it seems like common sense to me that your ability to breathe sufficiently is directly linked to all your organs functioning properly, that basic aspect of life has been forgotten by all the “experts” and “authority” issuing edicts for regular citizens to wear face masks in public and at work.

The truth is, not everyone has even learned to breathe properly anyway. This is one of the first things you realize when you take up Yoga. When the breathing is restricted unnaturally and you have “air hunger” beneath a mask, your breathing rhythm is interrupted, physical exertion leads to being lightheaded and disoriented, and eventually you are more prone to passing out due to a lack of air.

At this point, only you can protect your own health- refuse the mask

The last thing I want to say today is that you and only you have the ability to research the facts and rely on your own personal life experience. If you strongly feel that something is not good for you and it’s causing you a lot of pain and discomfort, this a great sign that it actually is.

Why are you no longer allowed to do what’s best for you? Because some people might die?

The masks don’t even work to prevent a virus which is much smaller from passing through. If they cause you shortness of breath and signs of passing out, it’s a good sign you’re not getting enough oxygen to your vital organs like your brain- and heart.

As someone who’s passed out before, I can tell you that what you feel doesn’t make you go “huh, that felt great. that was a good thing”. It alerts you to the fact you need to be very careful so you don’t let it happen again.

If your heart is beating faster because you’re having to work harder due to decreased air, then of course that puts you at the same risks of heart attack that you would experience if your body wasn’t getting enough air due to sleep apnea at night.

Decide what’s best for yourself.