What Both Dog Sitters and Customers Can Learn from Rover.com Reviews

Rover.com Reviews: Dog Sitting and Dog Walking for Extra Money from HomePeople with dogs often need to find a dog sitter for various reasons, from going out for a night on the town, to taking a trip out of town for several days, and they will inevitably turn to the world wide web and the ever popular Google search to successfully complete their task.

This means that a web searcher is likely going to eventually see an ad or even the website for Rover.com show up in their search results. Clicking on Rover.com will bring the site visitor to a user-friendly interface where they can input the dates for which they require a dog sitter and dog boarding, enter their city and state, and then be able to peruse the search results within the Rover.com site in order to find a pet sitter.

But before you think it’s just a stroll down Candycane Lane, you’ll want to know just a little bit more about Rover before you either decide to become a customer or even a dog sitter or dog walker on their service, in order to protect yourself, your dog, your home, or even- your income!

Just like these Rover.com sitter reviews say, Rover.com is probably not your best bet if you are serious about having a long-term doggy daycare business from home. It is the epitome of putting all your eggs in one basket.

The Truth About Rover.com: Honest Reviews from a Customer and Dog Sitting Consultant


In the above video, I describe the lesser known details of Rover.com, from their extremely litigious ways of going around to local towns and using their teams of lawyers to rewrite laws that shut down already existing dog sitters operating out of their homes, to the fact that Rover.com does very little if anything to ensure the safety of your dog as a customer under the care of one of their “independent contractors”.

Recently, a women in Colorado lost her longtime friend and K9 companion when the Rover.com sitter absentmindedly left her small 15 lb dog in the backyard with a 150 lb Mastiff, which killed her dog with one bite to the neck. Rover.com responded by apologizing for her loss, then wished her a good day– typical of the scumbags at Rover.com.

Rover.com is not much better for their dog sitters and dog walkers, either.

Rover.com offers ZERO compensation for the dog sitter if a customer’s dog ruins their house and property, which often occurs when a dog pees on or chews up a sofa or quilt at the sitter’s home. Rover sitters will be removed from their app’s search if they ask the customer to pay for the damages also.

Rover.com plays favorites with its sitters, and silences the negative reviews of its customers. I have had Rover.com dog sitters communicate with me as if I worked for them- “Hey when are you coming to get your dog” on the morning after a night sitting. When I left a bad review, Rover removed it. They can’t have their most attractive female sitters with any bad reviews for their total lack of respect, empathy and customer service.

Rover.com does nothing to ensure their sitters are at home supervising the dogs, or keeping them separated. Many sitters will leave strange dogs with each other which leads to conflict and dogs getting bit or hurt while they are away. Many Rover sitters are merely college age people who lock a bunch of dogs up in their house, then go out drinking and partying. Hopefully your dog survives the oversight and negligence but there are no guarantees, and Rover will not give a flip if something happens to your dog, as you can tell by the non-heartfelt apology they issue to the poor lady whose dog was killed in a totally preventable scenario.

Many Rover.com sitters don’t even realize the basic best practices of dog sitting and dog watching, like separating dogs during feeding times, keeping dogs of different weight classes away from each other to prevent fatalities of smaller dogs, or how to spot aggressive dogs and isolate them from endangering other dogs.

Other dogs have been lost by Rover’s dog walkers because they failed to take extra safety considerations, were not paying attention, or did not realize that they should have been using a hands free dog leash for walking and training dogs in order to prevent the dog from running away.

Rover.com is hit or miss at best

I have encountered flighty and unreliable sitters on several instances when searching for a Rover sitter in Phoenix AZ as well as South Dakota when I needed a dog sitter badly. When the weekend comes, the older female Rover sitters tend to be non-responsive, or put all social calendars as top priority over dog sitting much to your inconvenience.

After Rover.com’s lawyers contacted and harassed me with threats of a lawsuit, I realized quickly they were not a dog loving organization that you might expect from a dog service business. If anything, they are in it completely for the money, and often resort to fascistic tactics like monitoring all communications between dog sitters and dog sitter customers to ensure that no under-the-table deals are being made outside their app or website by regular customers and their dog sitters.

Keeping all this in mind, Rover.com may not always be your best option. Always seek out professional, competent dog boarding businesses and individuals over Rover.com in order to find the most suitable dog sitter for your furry best friend.