Absolute lies and propaganda by “Academia”: ‘It’s a fact that bed bugs can’t be eliminated’

Let’s put this one into the column of outright lies and stupidity.

Dr. Heather Lynch, or should I say, “Dr.” Heather Lynch, a lecturer at a University in Glasgow, has gone on record to say that “bed bugs can no longer be effectively eliminated.” The author of this article, Sarah Knapton, has gone further in a total lack of journalistic integrity in an attempt to support this theory without any evidence, claiming that “The Conversation”, a body of writing used and touted by “academics”, is the unquestionable word of God to back up the theory that you can’t get rid of bed bugs, ever.

This immediately pisses me off, and for a few reasons- the primary reason being it’s a total lie.

I have already stated across my many websites and blogs that the media, the government, and even existing pest control companies- are not going to tell you the solution for getting rid of bedbugs, even though yes, it exists, and no, it is not expensive. I myself have been personally helping people get rid of their bed bug problem for the last 3 years. I have received numerous emails from actual, real-life customers thanking me for helping them eliminate their bed bug problem so they can finally get back to sleep at night. If you want to see the proof, just click this link and scroll to the bottom of the page to read real reviews from real people: https://www.defensive-end.com/get-rid-of-bed-bugs.

Why are “educated” people so stupid when it comes to bed bugs?

So when 2 people claiming to be experts are really just a few lazy shmucks from “academia” who would rather just claim that there is no solution to bed bugs, a serious problem where over 10% of Philadelphia homes battle with bed bugs every night, a massive worldwide bedbug problem that plagues New York, Paris, the UK, Mexico, and Canada, to name a few- it sets me off a little, because I know that’s an outright lie. It’s a sad state when you have two enlightened Western female writers claiming to be some type of authority on entomology and life doing nothing but attempting to repackage apathy towards bed bug extermination into being smart somehow. It also shows the state of the Western world in my opinion, and is a big reason I left to live in Asia myself.

More stupidity when trying to eliminate bed bugs

I literally just filmed a video last month talking about the dangers of bed bugs often being from how people fail tremendously when attempting to get rid of them on their own. I mentioned how people set cars on fire by using alcohol. And in a recent story, over $250,000.00 in damages were reported after the fire department had to put out a blaze at a multi-family housing complex from someone spraying alcohol too close to a candle and the entire building going ablaze. This woman literally set her house on fire to try to eradicate bed bugs.

bed bugs in philadelphiaFor now, there are people out there trying to help people with their bed bug invasions in a real, meaningful and effective way. You just won’t hear too much about it from the mainstream news.