Running with your dog

Exercise dog leashWhen starting Running with your dog the first objective is to find out how well they will listen to you. Walk them forward about 10 feet and turn around and walk the other direction. Repeat the process a few times and already know how responsive the dog will be. If the dog follows your lead backing up to your side or slightly behind, they are at their most focused on my movement and will likely be following me well.

While you are running with a dog, both of you begins to produce endorphins. These endorphins bind to receptor points in the brain and as a result, they cause that euphoric feeling. Everyone will experience this euphoric state differently and to different levels, and some athletes have even become addicted to their runners high.

The dog has to be loose-leash trained

In order to run with your dog, the dog has to be loose-leash trained. There is no safe alternative, your dog will risk neck injury if you pull on them too many times and it makes the experience bad for both of you. You need to be in tune with your dog, watching their stride and paying attention to their gait and form periodically.

The more attentive you are to the dog your running the better the outcome. Dogs untrained in running are known for stopping to sniff or go to the bathroom so periodically checking in on them is a must, usually go about 10 seconds maximum without checking in with the dogs you run.

When a dog gets over excited and bites the Hands free leash for dog training, do not join in on the game and play tug-of-war. Instead, stop and wait for them to drop the leash and look for your approval. Do not immediately jump back into running as this will amplify the hyper arousal symptoms again leading to the same bad behavior.

If you want to train it out of the dog you can use this technique to trigger the behavior and then stop, again forcing them to relax. This is an effective method for helping your dog control these issues but for the sake of getting the most out of your dog’s workout, it is more efficient to walk them for a short time will help in dog walking and then slowly ease back into your jog.

Natural happy feeling

Remember what to look for when deciding to run with a dog, there are breeds that run better for longer periods of time and there are others that do better with bursts of high energy. Hound breeds and other dogs used for hunting are typically in the endurance category, although there are some dogs like Doberman Pinscher’s, Siberian Huskies and Dalmatians in this category as well.

Most other dogs fit into the fast bursts of speed category. Certain breeds like Pugs and Bull Dogs are brachycephalic. The flattened nose and face cause them to overheat very soon so they shouldn’t run too far too fast.

Running with your dog will provide him with that natural happy feeling, and will reduce the stress and anxiety in his life. So, grab your dog, grab his leash and don’t walk – run

Bed Bug Bites & Symptoms: How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bug symptoms

Bed Bug Symptoms include waking up with red bites on any part of your body, usually in clusters of 5 – 20 bites, leaving behind a reddish pink ring that turns into a rash and can become infected if you scratch it.

Bed bugs are tiny but they scurry about frantically and are often aggressive toward each other, especially when in captivity.

Bed bug bites pictures

bed bugs bites pictures

How to get rid of bed bug bites

Bed bug exterminators can cost you several hundred to thousands of dollars, which is why landlords are so hesitant to attempt to deal with the problem. Governments are usually clueless on how to deal with the problem as well.

Bed bug sprays are often ineffective, or only kill the reddish brown tiny parasites bedbugs that you can see, leaving the nymphs and their eggs unaffected. This is why you have to use a smart solution like Defensive End! which relies on residual and passive prevention rather than running and gunning down the bedbugs when they are visible, out and about.

Bed bug bites look like

Bed bug bites look like little red bumps, and are different from flea bites, and are often confused with mosquito bites, ant bites, and spider bites the way they often form a visible bump but then a red patch or rash surrounding the bites. To be honest, it really all depends on how allergic your body is to a bedbug bite. But you can be sure that you have bed bugs or some type of biting insects if you are constantly getting itches when laying down in bed at night.

How to tell if you have bed bugs

There is a great checklist here on how to tell if you have bed bugs. Bed bugs are smaller than a penny, leave a trail of black specks (their poop) in clustered areas where they hide along with reddish brown smears and stains, surrounded by their former shells from their exoskeletons along with egg casings.

Bed bug pictures

bed bugs pictures

How to find bed bugs

Do an active search of your bedroom. Check the bed, mattress, box spring, furniture. Check your sofa, carpet, dresser drawers, the headboard, and cracks in the walls and baseboards. Bed bugs like most bugs that enjoy biting humans are attracted to your unique scents and smells, as well as the carbon dioxide you exhale during the night while breathing. This is how to find bed bugs in your home or workplace.

Don’t rely on a bedbug exterminator. They will overcharge you and put you at their behest. This means they will often become as parasitic as the cimex lectularius bedbugs themselves, sucking you dry not of blood, but of liquid assets!

Bed bugs hide away from the light during the day, so you really have to think like a bed bug to find one. Often times they are hiding within the walls of apartment units or homes, just waiting for dusk to come along as they put on their bibs and get ready to chow down on tasty human blood.

And you thought the only blood suckers were the tax man?

Get Rid of Bed Bugs with the Best Bed Bug Killer

bed bugs hiding in the dresser drawersBed bugs are a terrible foe. They hide out in the most undiscovered nooks and crannies of your bedroom, from your mattress and box spring to even the cracks under the headboard. Waiting all the while to feast upon their prey – you.

Bed bugs are nocturnal critters that come out usually after you’ve been asleep 2 or 3 hours and are already in REM sleep mode. That is when you’re most delicious, apparently.

No One Seems to Be Able to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

They’ve been around for thousands of years. While they appeared to face modern day extinction, the government’s outlawing of the most effective pesticides against bedbugs has ensured their reappearance. Don’t get too mad at the GOV for that one though, because pesticides are anything but safe for humans usually.

What you can be mad at the government for is the fact that they do over regulate natural pesticides to an extent that no newcomers can realistically enter the game, which explains why there’s really only a small handful natural bed bug killer products and product makers out there, and they’re all 100 years old.

The best bed bug killer is not your local exterminator

Reading these negative reviews about Orkin and bed bugs, it’s quite disturbing to realize that on top of the problem of bed bug s themselves, people get to add spending thousands of dollars on exterminator treatments and replacement furniture to their many sleepless nights getting bit and the blood sucked from their veins.

Many people’s most common complaints about the Orkin man is that in recent years, the operators and technicians have become incredibly unreliable. Orkin also does not work on Saturdays. Their office staff have been called nice but “not well”. Through hidden cameras customers have seen them cutting corners and doing what appeared to be a half assed job. Then, Orkin charges a monthly fee for its customers. You could be spending a cool $700 a year to get not a whole lot of anything by way of bug removal.

The best bed bug spray is no spray at all

Most people assume you either get an exterminator or you buy some type of bedbug spray. This is because psychologically we have been taught over the years you must shoot something for it to die. However truly effective bed bug annihilation is a fine and lost art only for the noble minded and resilient.

It turns out that bed bugs are best fought on their own sweet time. So you must lay a trap of defensive powder that is always there for them to either walk through or decide at some point that it’s simply not worth trudging over and being killed by. One such product is called Defensive End! and it really does get rid of bed bugs without exposing consumers to the danger of bed bug pesticides. That is because it’s safe, all-natural, and stays good as long as it’s kept dry.

Fossilized algae, microscopically saving the day one dead bed bug at a time.