Bright Ideas – New Himalayan Salt Lamp w/Oil Diffuser

It’s Spring time again and everyone’s looking for that nice accent they can add to their home to really bring out the welcoming back of the sun.

With this celebration of light and regeneration, we think you’re going to love this unique Himalayan salt rock LED lamp that doubles as an aromatic essential oil diffuser and humidifier.

Talk about a great way to experience the new season with all your 5 senses!

But this ain’t no rinky-dink essential oil diffuser like they sell at Pier 1 Imports. This is the real deal in 2 in 1 home decor appliances that can change the outlook of your day from dim to sunny with 4 different LED light settings.

Light emanates through 100% pure and naturally mined Himalayan salt, which releases negative ions that have been shown to counteract the positive ions released by cell phones, computers, TVs, and more.

Think of it as a sort of detox for your environment, similar to how you feel when you walk into a spa and pick up on the natural vibe. You get similar benefits from when you walk on the beach, catch some rays from the sun, or sit and relax near a waterfall.

Himalayan crystal salt rock lamp and Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser Humidifier 2 in 1

Diffuser Your Favorite Oil Fragrances with this Himalayan Salt Lamp / Diffuser

Aside from being one amazing, rejuvenating and excellent vibe-setting lighting device, you get to add water vapor into the air via its ultra-quiet, ultrasonic transducer diffuser.

The added plus about this technology is that when you enjoy all your favorite aromatic essential oils, you will actually be absorbing more of their organic compounds as the diffusion happens at a microscopic level, preserving their molecular integrity that otherwise cheaper and less efficient steam-based diffusers would likely destroy.

100% Pure Himalayan Rock Salt

This is not some knock-off or imitation. The salt in this cute LED/humidifier is 100% Himalayan, naturally mined, and hand-picked for its individual beauty, brilliance and luster. The health benefits of Himalayan salt are numerous.

Himalayan pink rock salt is pure and naturally mined in Asia

If you’re looking for the perfect nightlight, then maybe you should consider this wondrous mineral mined from deep beneath the Earth in the ancient mystical mountains of Pakistan. Can you imagine all the wisdom it contains, aside from the additional mineral content pink salt has over regular salt?

Other Benefits of this Himalayan Salt Lamp Diffuser

This particular model has 6 hour continuous or 12 hour intermittent mode. Its water capacity sits at 200 ml, which is a little better than average for 2 in 1 lamp/humidifiers in its price range. It has an automatic off-switch for when you go to sleep with it on or step out of the room, or your house.

It comes with 3 free LED halogen bulbs and it’s easy to put together, and the price is around $60 bucks at if you want to check it out, along with plenty of other great adorable and ergonomic decorating ideas for your home, office, or home office that we’re to discover Spring 2021.

This pink Himalayan salt lamp aroma diffuser is a great addition to your home interior or bedroom and it just might get you some interesting comments, like “where did you get that?”, for starters.

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