Running with your dog

Exercise dog leashWhen starting Running with your dog the first objective is to find out how well they will listen to you. Walk them forward about 10 feet and turn around and walk the other direction. Repeat the process a few times and already know how responsive the dog will be. If the dog follows your lead backing up to your side or slightly behind, they are at their most focused on my movement and will likely be following me well.

While you are running with a dog, both of you begins to produce endorphins. These endorphins bind to receptor points in the brain and as a result, they cause that euphoric feeling. Everyone will experience this euphoric state differently and to different levels, and some athletes have even become addicted to their runners high.

The dog has to be loose-leash trained

In order to run with your dog, the dog has to be loose-leash trained. There is no safe alternative, your dog will risk neck injury if you pull on them too many times and it makes the experience bad for both of you. You need to be in tune with your dog, watching their stride and paying attention to their gait and form periodically.

The more attentive you are to the dog your running the better the outcome. Dogs untrained in running are known for stopping to sniff or go to the bathroom so periodically checking in on them is a must, usually go about 10 seconds maximum without checking in with the dogs you run.

When a dog gets over excited and bites the Hands free leash for dog training, do not join in on the game and play tug-of-war. Instead, stop and wait for them to drop the leash and look for your approval. Do not immediately jump back into running as this will amplify the hyper arousal symptoms again leading to the same bad behavior.

If you want to train it out of the dog you can use this technique to trigger the behavior and then stop, again forcing them to relax. This is an effective method for helping your dog control these issues but for the sake of getting the most out of your dog’s workout, it is more efficient to walk them for a short time will help in dog walking and then slowly ease back into your jog.

Natural happy feeling

Remember what to look for when deciding to run with a dog, there are breeds that run better for longer periods of time and there are others that do better with bursts of high energy. Hound breeds and other dogs used for hunting are typically in the endurance category, although there are some dogs like Doberman Pinscher’s, Siberian Huskies and Dalmatians in this category as well.

Most other dogs fit into the fast bursts of speed category. Certain breeds like Pugs and Bull Dogs are brachycephalic. The flattened nose and face cause them to overheat very soon so they shouldn’t run too far too fast.

Running with your dog will provide him with that natural happy feeling, and will reduce the stress and anxiety in his life. So, grab your dog, grab his leash and don’t walk – run