World Governments Including the US and Australia Are Preventing People from Getting Rid of Bed Bugs Cheaply, Safely, and Effectively

According to “A Code of Practice For the Control of Bed Bug Infestations in Australia 3rd Edition“, Stephen L. Doggett reveals that as of 2010, exciting new potential treatments for bed bugs are emerging. This comes perhaps at just the right time, considering in the same document he explains that all current registered pesticides are ineffective against killing bed bug eggs.

While this may be news to many, the truth is the potential new treatment is anything but new, it’s been around for thousands of years, it’s just been kept from public knowledge due to excess government regulation and existing monopolies in the pesticide market.

Considering bed bugs were not really a common household pest until the last 20 years due to increased world travel, migration, and a ban on DDT going back 70 years in most developed nations, it’s time to ensure the public has the ability to deal with a bed bug infestation to reduce individual suffering as well as increase community wellness.

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

For Australians (and anyone else), one of the best things you can do is to tidy up your home. Removing clutter reduces hiding places for bed bugs, but going by the numbers alone, bed bugs tend to live in the bed or bed frame about 70% of the time, while hiding in furniture, the headboard, or even cracks in the floor and wall the other 30% of the time.

Bed bugs are oval-shaped, brownish red bugs smaller than the fingernail on your pinkie finger that lead a nocturnal life of hiding in wait for a blood meal. When the lights go off, bed bugs usually meander out for a meal, leaving a trail of itchy red bites on the exposed areas of your skin while you sleep.

what do bed bug bites look like

While the bites are usually harmless, the stress and anxiety that bedbugs cause for their victims can work out to real harms on your health and finances. In some rare cases, bed bugs have been known to transmit Chagas disease, which is a disease passed by “kissing bugs” which are another type of crawling insect.

Next, folks will want to wash and dry their clothes and bed sheets on high heat, while vacuuming their floors, carpets, and bed frames or sofas, bagging up any and all molted bed bug shells from when bed bugs shed their old skin as they grow and progress in size.

The Potential New, All-Natural Bed Bug Insecticide You Probably Didn’t Know Existed

Doing the aforementioned steps is a great start, but most people will need some type of additional treatment against the bed bug infestation. For many, this may involve steam treatment, heat treatment, or even a professional bed bug exterminator.

inspecting a bed frame for bed bugs

The price of bed bug treatment remains incredibly high for the average person or family, with mainstream media reporting the cost as being anywhere from $500 AUD to $3,000 AUD.

But before you completely lose your mind over the high price, we’re going to give you an alternative, something that works for 70%+ (conservative estimate) of people who use it.

The Bed Bug Killer That Stays Good Forever, as Long as You Keep It Dry

One of the greatest things about this substance is that it stays good almost forever, and bed bugs have no resistance to it!

I’m talking about freshwater amorphous silica. While it is called by many other names, that is the scientific designation. It is comprised of the microscopic fossilized algae which have washed up on the shores of lakes, ponds, and other large bodies of water all around the globe.

This material is already present in the food supply, as farmers feed small doses to their livestock and cattle along with their normal food to control internal parasites, as the microscopic algae is able to cut and penetrate the exoskeletons of parasites, causing them to dehydrate and die- just the same with bed bugs.

Effective Bed Bug Prevention and Treatment for Australia

This type of natural bed bug killer can be found on the website Defensive End!, an American website that works with local suppliers all around the world to circumvent prohibitive government bureaucracy and provide a solution along with proper education as to its safe use.

get rid of bed bugs

All orders come with a free e-guide on how to get rid of the nasty bed bugs as well, along with links to video proof that it works.

Ensuring people have access to a solution that causes no side effects (just don’t breathe in a bunch of it, obviously, though even that would only likely cause a temporary negative effect) is something that I’ve been serious about for the better part of the last decade.

I sincerely hope everyone out there with a bed bug problem does their research and saves their money, because one thing’s for sure, the government’s not going to do it for you.

Bed Bug Bites & Symptoms: How to Tell if You Have Bed Bugs

Bed bug symptoms

Bed Bug Symptoms include waking up with red bites on any part of your body, usually in clusters of 5 – 20 bites, leaving behind a reddish pink ring that turns into a rash and can become infected if you scratch it.

Bed bugs are tiny but they scurry about frantically and are often aggressive toward each other, especially when in captivity.

Bed bug bites pictures

bed bugs bites pictures

How to get rid of bed bug bites

Bed bug exterminators can cost you several hundred to thousands of dollars, which is why landlords are so hesitant to attempt to deal with the problem. Governments are usually clueless on how to deal with the problem as well.

Bed bug sprays are often ineffective, or only kill the reddish brown tiny parasites bedbugs that you can see, leaving the nymphs and their eggs unaffected. This is why you have to use a smart solution like Defensive End! which relies on residual and passive prevention rather than running and gunning down the bedbugs when they are visible, out and about.

Bed bug bites look like

Bed bug bites look like little red bumps, and are different from flea bites, and are often confused with mosquito bites, ant bites, and spider bites the way they often form a visible bump but then a red patch or rash surrounding the bites. To be honest, it really all depends on how allergic your body is to a bedbug bite. But you can be sure that you have bed bugs or some type of biting insects if you are constantly getting itches when laying down in bed at night.

How to tell if you have bed bugs

There is a great checklist here on how to tell if you have bed bugs. Bed bugs are smaller than a penny, leave a trail of black specks (their poop) in clustered areas where they hide along with reddish brown smears and stains, surrounded by their former shells from their exoskeletons along with egg casings.

Bed bug pictures

bed bugs pictures

How to find bed bugs

Do an active search of your bedroom. Check the bed, mattress, box spring, furniture. Check your sofa, carpet, dresser drawers, the headboard, and cracks in the walls and baseboards. Bed bugs like most bugs that enjoy biting humans are attracted to your unique scents and smells, as well as the carbon dioxide you exhale during the night while breathing. This is how to find bed bugs in your home or workplace.

Don’t rely on a bedbug exterminator. They will overcharge you and put you at their behest. This means they will often become as parasitic as the cimex lectularius bedbugs themselves, sucking you dry not of blood, but of liquid assets!

Bed bugs hide away from the light during the day, so you really have to think like a bed bug to find one. Often times they are hiding within the walls of apartment units or homes, just waiting for dusk to come along as they put on their bibs and get ready to chow down on tasty human blood.

And you thought the only blood suckers were the tax man?